Old Time Mandolin Music

Miss McLeod's Reel

I learned this version of "Miss McLeod’s Reel" in the Old Town School of Folk Music’s Old Time Ensemble.

This version of "Miss McLeod’s Reel" seems to be based a recording of of the tune by Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers.  You can find "Miss McLeod’s Reel" on a CD titled The Skillet Lickers: Old Time Fiddle Tunes and Songs From North Georgia on County Records CO-3509-CD.

The Skillet Lickers start with my B part below.  They repeat the B part, but do not repeat the A part.  If you listen closely you can hear a mandolin doubling the fiddle part.   Note that the record is not at standard pitch.  Either the recorder or the player was running fast.

Download a pdf of "Miss McLeod’s Reel" -> Click MissMcLeodsReel.pdf