Old Time Mandolin Music


OTMM CD/Recordings of Interest

Here are a few representative recordings of OTM Mando players past and present.  Please forgive me for any oversights or omissions.  Please send suggestions to Paul at paul@oldtimemandolinmusic.com.

The 6 & 7/8‘s Not strictly an OTM group, the 6 & 7/8's String Band originally started playing together in 1911 and recorded together between the late 40’s through the late 50’s.  The group performed mostly as a four-piece ensemble with upright bass and flat-top guitar rhythm section, mandolin and lap-style Hawaiian slide guitar, and occasionally ukulele.

    -Echoes of Tom Anderson's: New Orleans String Jazz Traditions - 2007 American Music

Adam Tanner

    - Rare Rags and Stringband Blues - 2003 Old 97 Wrecords #003.  The mandolin is the featured instrument on 5 of the CD’s 17 tunes.  Great Old-Time music and playing.  My favorite is a cover of Southern Blues originally recorded by Scottdale String Band (see below).

Ben Calvin - Ben Calvin played mandolin with Earl McDonald’s Original Louisville Jug Band.

    - Ruckus Juice & Chittlins, Vol. 1 - 1998 Yazoo 2032.   Listen to She's In "The Graveyard Now".

    - Good For What Ails You - 2005 Old Hat 1005.  Listen to "Casey Jones"

Bertram Levy

    - Hollow Rock String Band Traditional Dance Tunes - Originally released on Kanawha Records as an LP in 1968.  Released in 1997 on County Records CO-CD-2715.

Bill Foss

    - The Knuckle Knockers by the Knuckle Knockers - 2010 Yodel-Ah-Hee.  A fine collection of OTM with lot of excellent OT mandolin music.  Also excellent playing and harmony singing with Karen Celia Heil and Martha Hawthorne (of the Stairwell Sisters).  Bill and Karen play a most fine rendition of "Wildcat Rag" originally recorded by Asa Martin and Roy Hobbs.  See the entry below regarding The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (disc 2) CD.

Brian Ray

    - The Briarpickers Mrs. Maxwell - 2012 self-released (CD).  Mrs. Maxwell contains a great selection of tunes with great playing.  There’s a good dose of new Midwest Old Time music on this CD.  Brian takes a unique angle at “backing up” the fiddle on Mrs. Maxwell.  The duo calls their approach to playing OTM appropriately “rust chamber music”.  

Caleb Klauder

    - Foghorn Stringband Rattlesnake Tidal Wave - 2002 self-released (CD).

    - Foghorn Stringband Boombox Squaredance - 2004 self-released (CD).

    - Foghorn Stringband Reap What You Sow - 2004 self-released (CD).

    - Foghorn Stringband Weiser Sunrise - 2005 self-released (CD).

Cary Lung

   -  Red Dog Hard Times - 2009 Old Dog Records -0409 (CD).

   - Traditional Fiddle Tunes—Harry Liedstrand, Cary Lung, David Green - 2010 HL CD 001 (CD).  An excellent CD of OTM with fiddle and mandolin as the lead instruments.  Harry and Cary met when they both played in the Sweet Mills String band in 1971.   Traditional Fiddle Tunes was recorded in 1973, but never released.  Rounder made the tapes available to Harry to release the CD.  The liner notes states that it’s limited edition CD, so don’t wait too long to purchase it.

Charlie McCoy

    - Charlie McCoy Complete 1928 - 1932 Recordings In Chronological Order - 1992 Document Records BDCD-6018.  Great blues guitar and mandolin.  Papa Charlie plays mandolin with the Jackson Blues Boys on "Hidin’ On Me" and "Sweet Alberta", and with Mississippi Mud Steppers on "Vicksburg Stomp".  I’d buy the CD for "Vicksburg Stomp" alone.  Lots of other good mando related selections including one recording each with Tampa Red and Georgia Tom Dorsey.

    - Mississippi String Bands & Associates (1928 - 1931) - Document BDCD-6013 Charlie McCoy was the mandolin half of the Mississippi Mud Steppers.  Charlie was also played mandolin with the Mississippi Blacksnakes.  Most of the selections on this CD feature these two afore mentioned groups.

    - Early Mandolin Classics Volume 1 - 1989 Rounder Records CD 1050 Listen to the excellent Vicksburg Stomp.

Clyde Curley - The standard in OTMM.  My only wish is that Clyde would release more recordings.

    - Old Time Mandolin Music - Originally released on Cassette as Tunes of the Gods.  Rereleased in 1998 on Time & Strike - T & S 7785 (CD) features Clyde Curley on mandolin.

    - A Portland Selection: Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest (1) - 2000 (CD).

    - A Portland Selection 2: Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest - 2006 (CD).

Coley Jones

    - Good For What Ails You - Old Hat 1005.  Listen to "Hokum Blues" and "Shine".

Coleman & Harper - There’s a story here as neither musician is named Coleman or Harper.  The two musicians are Joe Evans and Arthur McClain. Not sure which one played mandolin. Also known as Two Poor Boys.  See Two Poor Boys below.

Corbin Pagter

    - The Mt. Diablo String Band Grand Picnic - 2008 Squirty Records (CD).  A fine CD of OTM with mandolin.

Curtis Buckhannon - Buy everything!  All outstanding OTMM!

    - The Buckhannon Brothers Little River Stomp - 1995 self-released (CD).

    - The Buckhannon Brothers Back Home Again - 2005 self-released (CD).

    - The Buckhannon Brothers Old Time Jamboree - 2007 self-released (CD).

    - ILL-MO Boys Laugh and Grow Fat - 2001 Vigortone Records 2001 (CD).

    -Lynn “Chirps” Smith down in Little Egypt - 2003 Vigortone Records 2002 (CD) a few selections feature Curtis on mandolin

Eddie Dimitt - See James Cole below.

Fiddlin’ Doc Roberts - Known as a fiddler Doc Roberts occasionally recorded with the mandolin instead of the fiddle.  Doc is a fine mandolin player with a nice tremolo.

    - Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Vol 2 1928 - 1930 - Document Records DOCD-8043.  Lots of great Old Time fiddle with three mandolin selections: "Mandolin Rag", "Take Those Lips Away", and "Shamrock Schottische".

    - Early Mandolin Classics Volume 1 - 1989 Rounder Records CD 1050 Doc with the help of Asa Martin (see Roy Hobbs below) plays "Take those Lips Away".

    - Kentucky Mountain Music - 2003 Yazoo Records Yazoo 2200  - Listen to Doc’s fine version of "Honeymoon Stomp" on disc 7.

Grinnell Giggers - See Melvin Paul below.   The band is named for spearing or gigging a fish called a Grinnell found in Missouri.

Howard Armstrong - The world seems a bit lonelier with out Howard Armstrong.

    - Martin, Bogan, and the Armstrongs That old gang of mine - 1992 Flying Fish Records FF7003

    - Louie Bluie - Film Soundtrack - 1985 released on CD in 1998 Arhoolie CD 470

    - Louie Bluie - 1995 Blue Suit Records BS-106D

James Cole - James Cole’s string bands recorded under a couple of different names including the James Cole’s  String Band and the James Cole’s Washboard Four.  James Cole played fiddle and Tommie Bradley played guitar.  Mandolin playing appears on several of James Cole’s recordings (see list below).   The liner notes to Down in the Basement, OLD HAT RCD 1004, indicate that Eddie Dimitt played on "Runnin’ Wild" recorded by the Jame’s Cole Washboard Four in October of 1930.  I haven’t found any other references to the mandolin player on the other selections listed below.  James Cole’s music ranges from Old Time, to Rag Time, to Blues music.  Unfortunately the mandolin playing is often overshadowed by the fiddle or piano.

    - The Cornshucker's Frolic, Vol. 1 1999 Yazoo 2045 - Listen to "Bill Cheatem".

    - Down in the Basement 2003 OLD HAT RCD 1004 - "Listen to Runnin’ Wild".  Eddie Dimitt is credited as the mandolin player

    - Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow! 2006 OLD HAT CD 1003 - Listen to "I Got a Gal".

    - A Richer Tradition - 2007 JSP Records JSP 7798.  Mandolin selections include "I Got a Gal" and "Runnin’ Wild".

    - Tommie Bradley - James Cole Groups 1928 - 1932 - Document Records DOCD-5189.  Mandolin selections include "Bill Cheatum", Four Day Blues, I Got a Gal, I Love My Mary, Mistreated the Only Friend You Had, Please Don’t Act That Way, Runnin’ Wild, Sweet "Lizzie", "Undertaker Blues", "When Your’re Down and Out"," Window Pane Blues".

    -Times Ain't Like They Used To Be, Vol. 4 Early American Rural Music Classic Recordings From the 1920s & 30s - Yazoo 2048.  Listen to "Mistreated the Only Friend You Had".

Jim Collier (Please note that Big Medicine plays OTM primarily, but they do stray into Bluegrass territory now and then.  Please don’t take offense, just listen to Jim’s hard drivin’ mando!)

    -Big Medicine - Pine to Pine - Yodel-Ay-Hee 075

    -Big Medicine - Fever in the South - 2004 Yodel-Ay-Hee 053

    -Big Medicine - Too Old To Be Controlled - 2002 Yodel-Ay-Hee 043

    -Rafe Stefanini - Ladies Fancy - County Records CO-2741-CD

Jim Watson - Founding member and mando player with Red Clay Ramblers.  Discography coming soon. While you’re waiting for me to update Jim’s discography check out the Red Clay Ramblers website for more information about Jim.

John Hasbrouck

    - The Northside Southpaws - Stomp Glide Wobble - 2008 RRD-1967 All mandolin music, all the time.  Excellent collection of blues, ragtime, jazz, swing and old-time country music played on a Resphonic Mandolin

    -The Northside Southpaws - No Bread - 2010 RRD- More great mandolin music from the Northside Southpaws.  Several excellent tunes by the Scottdale String bBand.

Kentucky Ramblers - Buy the following two CDs and you’ll have a fine collection of OT mandolin music recorded by the Kentucky Ramblers for Paramount records in 1930.  Unfortunately the session notes must be lost as I could not find any information on the band members.  Fourteen sides were recorded at the Paramount with twelve of those sides released.  Eleven of the Kentucky Rambler’s recordings are contained on these two CDs.

    -The Music of Kentucky: Early American Rural Classics 1927-1932 , Vol. 1 - Yazoo 2013

    - Paramount Old Time Recordings - 2006 JSP Records JSP7774  Mandolin selections include "Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory to The Lamb", "A Pretty White Rose", "The Prisoners Sweetheart", "Little Mamie", "The Unfortunate breakdown", and "Some Mothers Boy".

    -The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (disc 2) - 2006 Yazoo 2202.  Listen to "Ginseng Blues".

Kenny Hall

    -Kenny Hall Kenny Hall and the Sweets Mill String Band - 2005 Bay Records (CD) Yeah! Back in print.

    -Kenny Hall Kenny Hall and the Long Haul String Band - CD328 Voyager Records (CD).

Leake County Revelers - The LCRs made lots of 78s and R.O.Moseley is credited as playing banjo-mandolin.

    - Leake County Revelers Vol 1 1927 - 1928,  Document DOCD-8029

    - Leake County Revelers Vol 2 1929 - 1930, Document DOCD-8030

Lynn “Chirps” Smith

    - Indian Creek Delta Boys Indian Creek Delta Boys Vol. I - Originally released in 1976.  Rereleased in 2007 on Spring Fed Records - SFR-DU-33029 (CD).

    - Indian Creek Delta Boys Indian Creek Delta Boys Vol. II - Originally released in 1977.  Rereleased in 2007 Spring Fed Records - SFR-DU-33042 (CD).

    - Lynn “Chirps” Smith Midwestern Harvest - 1994 Marimac Recordings 9059-CD (CD) a few selections features Chirps playing mandolin.

    - Volo Bogtrotters - Old Time String Band with Vocal Accompaniment - 1997 on Marimac Recordings 9067D (CD).  Some selections feature other mandolin family instruments and occasionally Steve Rosen or Paul Tyler take over mandolin duties.

Madisonville String Band

    - Kentucky Mountain Music - 2003 Yazoo Records Yazoo 2200 - Seven disc compilation of 78’s of Kentucky OTM recorded in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Listen to "B Flat Rag" and "My Pretty Snow Deer".

Mando Mafia - Mando Mafia is a great mando oriented band.  While the band is not an Old-Time Music band, they often have several  great OTM selections on each of their CD releases.  You’ll find interesting and unusual medley combinations.

    - Mando Liniment - 1997 Black Rose Productions BRCD3. Great versions of "Rye Straw", "Lost Girl", "There’s a Brown Skin Girl Down the Road Somewhwere", "Grigsby’s Hornpipe", "Charleston No. 1", "Lamb’s Wool Rag/Hell Up Coal Holler", "Lost Indian/Happy Hollow", and "Booth Shot Lincoln/Down in the Swamp/Glory in the Meeting House".

    - Get up in the Cool  - 2000 Black Rose Productions BRCD4.  Great versions of "Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle", "Ways of The World", "Get Up In The Cool".

    - Get Away - 2004 Black Rose Productions BRCD5.  Great versions of "Jeff Sturgeon", "All Around the Mountain", "Waldorf’s Reel/Kansas City Reel", "Policeman/Woman of The House on the Floor", " Yellow Barber/Brain Damage", "Crook Brothers Tune/Piney Woods Gal/Grub Springs", and "Haning’s Farewell".

Matthew Prater - Accompanied by Nap Hayes on guitar.

    - Early Mandolin Classics Volume 1 - 1989 Rounder Records CD 1050.  Listen to "Prater’s Blues".

Melvin Paul - Mandolinist for Grinnell Giggers recorded with Ben Tinnon (violin) and Grover Grant (guitar) in the 1930s.

    - Down in the Basement - 2003 OLD HAT RCD 1004 Listen to "Plow Boy Hop".

    - Echoes of the Ozarks, vol. 2 - 1996 County Records CO-3507-CD. Listen to "Duck Shoes", "Plow Boy Hop", and "Ruth’s Rag"

Mike Compton - OK.  I know.  You consider Mike a Bluegrass mando player.  That’s mostly true.  But his style on many tunes is not far from OTMM.  Take a listen and judge for yourself.

    - Rotten Taters - 2011 - Jenny Lynn is alone worth buying this CD

    - Stomp - 2006 Acoustic Disc ACD 63- Two mandolins (Mike and David Long).  All good stuff.

Mississippi Blacksnakes - See Charlie McCoy above.

Mississippi Mud Steppers - See Charlie McCoy above.

Norman Blake - You’ll find Norman’s OTM mando playing throughout his vast recorded output.  The two Rounder recordings below are two of his more mando heavy recordings.  Also check out the excellent recording did with Peter Ostroushko.

    -Norman & Nancy Blake Natasha’s Waltz - 1987 on Rounder Records 11530.

    -Norman & Nancy Blake The Norman and Nancy Blake Compact Disc - 1986 on Rounder Records 11505

    - Peter Ostroushko and Norman Blake Meeting on Southern Soil - 2007 Red House Records RHR153.

Peter Ostroushko

    - Peter Ostroushko and Norman Blake Meeting on Southern Soil 2007 Red House Records RHR153.

    - Norman Blake Slow Train Through Georgia -1987 on Rounder Records 11526.  To quote Norman on Nashville Blues, “Now go crazy Ostroushko!”.

Ragtime Skedaddlers - A San Francisco based band that plays "Authentic string band music from 100 years ago" like rags, cake walks, and marches. The band features not one, but two, count 'em, two mandolins! And a guitar.

    - Rag Time Skedaddlers - 2009 Mandophone CD0901.  The music was arranged for mandolin ensembles originally published between 1898 and 1909.  All good selections played by an excellent band consisting of Dennis Pash on banjo-mandolin, Nick Robinson on mandolin, and Dave Krinkel on guitar.  Highly recommended.

Red Dog - Mandolin, fiddle and guitar band play Old Time Music mostly.

    - Hard Times - 2009. Features Cary Lung on mandolin who studied with Kenny Hall (see Kenny Hall above).  Great playing and tune selection.

    -Nine-tail Cat - 2011.  Another excellent CD from the Northwest with much fine OTMM playing by Cary Lung.

Randy Johnson -  Great jug band music!

    - The carolina jug stompers Rooster on a Limb - 2005 Old 97 Wrecords #005 - Ten of the seventeen tunes on Rooster on a limb include the mandolin.

Roy Hobbs - Roy Hobbs. was played by Robert Redford in The Natural.  Just checking to see if you are paying attention.

    - The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (disc 2) - 2006 Yazoo 2202.  Two disc compilation of all sorts of manner of of very rare American music recorded in on 78 records from the collection of R. Crumb.  He even illustrated the cover!   Listen to "Wild Cat Rag" recorded by guitarist Asa Martin and mandolinist Roy Hobbs.

    - Times Ain't Like They Used To Be, Vol. 4 Early American Rural Music Classic Recordings From the 1920s & 30s - Yazoo 2048.  On this release you’ll find another fine recording of Asa Martin and Roy Hobbs titled "Havana River Guide".

Scottdale String Band - Mandolin led string band music.

Adam Tanner (see above) recorded Scottdale String Band’s "Southern Blues" on his Rare Rags and Stringband Blues CD.   The Northside Southpaws (see John Hasbrouck) above recorded "Carbolic Rag" on their Stomp Glide Wobble CD.

- Old Folks Better Go to Bed - 2014 Arhoolie Records - An all Scottdale String Band CD with 19 songs.

- RAGS, BREAKDOWNS, STOMPS & BLUES Vintage Mandolin Music (1927 - 1946) - 2003 Document Records DOCD-32-30-3 - "Carbolic Rag" appears on this CD

- Serenade The Mountains - 2007 JSP Records JSP7780.  Four disc compilation of OTM on 78’s.   Three sides  from the Scottdale String Band with Charlie Simmons on the banjo-mandolin: "Japanese Breakdown", "Carbolic Rag", and "Waiting for Robert E. Lee".

- The OKeh Label: Classic Old Time Music.  British Archive of Country Music MACM CD C 050.  Four sides from the Scottdale String Band with Charlie Simmons on the banjo-mandolin: "Chinese Breakdown", "My Old Iona", "Old Folks Better Go to Bed", and "Scottdale Stomp".

Tommy Bradley - James Cole - See James Cole above.

Steve James - Blues Mandolin and more!  Steve is consummate country blues musician: great tunes, feeling, and musicianship.  Steve’s blues mandolin playing is scattered across his CDs.

    - American Primitive - 1994 Atone’s Records ANT 0030 Listen to "Midnight Blues".

    - Art and Grit - 1996 Atone’s Records  Listen to "Blues Widow", "Viola Lee Blues" (from the Canon Jug Stompers), and "Juanita Stomp"

    - Boom Chang - 2000 Burnside Records BCD-0038-2 Listen to "Saturday Night in Jail".

    - Fast Texas - 2003 Burnside Records Burnside 48  Listen to "Texas Tommy" (written by James “Yank” Rachell) and "Day’s Lonesome".

    - Tonight: Steve James and Del Ray - 2004 Hobemian Records HB009  Listen to "Tappin’ That Thing" (another great James “Yank” Rachell tune) and "As Long As I Can See You Smile".

Steve Terrill  - Unfortunately Steve’s mandolin playing is sometimes lost in the mix of the recording.  The Hushpuppies a great OTM worth listening to even if you can’t always hear Steve that well.  Bob Carlin produced both CDs.

    - The Hushpuppies - Homestead on the Farm - 2006 Old 97 Wrecords O97-#010

    -The Hushpuppies - The Hushpuppies - Old 97 Wrecords O97-#001

Ted Hawkins

   - Ragged But Right Great Country String Bands from the 1930’s - 1988 RCA8416-2-R (CD).  Ted Hawkins is featured on 5 tracks with either with the Skillet Lickers or Riley Puckett.   Hawkins Rag is included on this CD.  Unfortunately this CD appears to be out of print.  You might be able to find a used copy on Amazon.

    - Serenade The Mountains - 2007 JSP Records JSP7780.  Four disc compilation of OTM on 78’s. Mandolin selections include "Hawkins Rag", "Tokio Rag", "Ragged But Right", "Rainbow Waltz" recorded by Ted Hawkins & Riley Puckett

Three Stripped Gears - Featuring Ralph Durden on lead mandolin.

    - Early Mandolin Classics Volume 1 - 1989 Rounder Records CD 1050. Listen to "Blackberry Rag".

    -The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (disc 2) - 2006 Yazoo 2202.   Listen to "Alabama Blues".

Three Tobacco Rags

    - Gastonia Gallop Cotton Mill Songs & Hillbilly Blues Piedmont Textile Workers on Record Gaston County, North Carolina  1927 - 1931 - 2009 OLD HAT CD 1007.  Another outstanding record from Old Hat Records.

    - "Get Your Head in Here" and "Ain’t Gonna Do It No More played" by the Three 'Baccer Tags also known as the Three Tobacco Tags.   These two recordings made on May 29th, 1931 feature two mandolin players, George Wade and Luther Baucom and guitarist Reid Summery.

    - Good For What Ails You - 2005 Old Hat 1005.  Listen to "Reno Blues".

    - Times Ain't Like They Used To Be, Vol. 7 Early American Rural Music Classic Recordings From the 1920s & 30s - Yazoo 2067.  An multi-volume compilation of great music from the Golden Era of American Music and recording.  Listen to "Good Gal Remember Me" recorded on January 25th, 1938

The Twilite Broadcasters -  Adam Tanner (see above) and Mark Jackson come together to form a mandolin/fiddle and guitar duo with Delmore Brothers/Monroe Brothers like harmony singing.  The Twilite Broadcaster’s music includes Old Time, Early Country and pre-Bluegrass tunes.  All of Adam Tanner’s projects and his playing are top notch.

    - The Trail of Time - 2011 The Twilite Broadcasters

    - Evening Share - 2009 The Twilite Broadcasters

Two Poor Boys -  The Two Poor Boys are Joe Evans and Arthur McClain. Not sure which one played mandolin. Also known as Coleman & Harper.

    - A Richer Tradition - 2007 JSP Records JSP 7798 - "Listen to Old Hen Cackle".

    - American Primitive Vol. II - 2005 Revenant No. 214 - Mandolin selections include "Old Hen Cackle", "Take a Look at That Baby", "Two White Horses in a Line"," John Henry Blues" (Take 3).

    - Down in the Basement - 2003 OLD HAT RCD 1004 - "Listen to Old Hen Cackle".

    - The Two Poor Boys - Joe Evans & Arthur McClain (1927-1931) - 2005 Document Records DOCD-5044.  Mandolin selections include "Cream and Sugar Blues", "Henry Blues" (Take A), "John Henry Blues" (Take B), "My Baby Got a Yo-Yo", "New Huntsville Jail" (Take 1), "New Huntsville Jail" (Take 2), "Old Hen Cackle", "So Sorry Dear", "Sourwood Mountain", "Take a Look at That Baby", "Two White Horses in a Line".

The Volo Bogtrotters

   - Old Time String Band with Vocal Accompaniment - 1997 Marimac Recordings Marimac 9067D Sadly out of print and Marimac seems to be out of business.  Steve Rosen says that he has a few copies left.  You may also be able to find a few used copies.  If you get a copy, listen to these selections for some great mando playing: "L'ville" (AKA Snake Hunt), "Tanner's Farm", "Third of July", "The Dying Hobo/Hickman Rag", "poor howard", "Bonapartes'March", "Right and Left Six/ Get Aboard the Ship", "SillyBill/Chase the Squirrel"

Yank Rachell

    - John Sebastian & the J Band I Want My Roots - 1996 MusicMaster Rock.  Yank plays three tunes with the J Band: "Tap That Thing",

'Yank Rachell Boogie" and "Divin’ Duck Blues".

    - John Sebastian & the J Band Chasin’ Gus’ Ghost - 1999 Hollywood Records HR 62227-2.  Yank plays three tunes with the J Band: "Laundromat Blues", "Tap That Thing", and "My Baby Left Town".  Also of notable mention is Geoff Muldaur’s singing and mandolin playing on the Cannon Jug Stompers tune "Minglewood Blues".

    -The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (disc 2) - 2006 Yazoo 2202.  Listen to Yank playing with Sleepy John Estes and Jab Jones on the tune "Sweet Mama".


Desperate Man Blues - Dust-to-Digital DTD-05.  Listen to the Mandolin Blues played by the more contemporary Tennessee Mess Arounders.  DMB is an excellent compilation of favorite 78’s from the collection of the legendary and gracious Joe Bussard.  While it does not feature OTMM content, there’s a cool DVD documentary of the same title featuring Joe.  Finally, Joe had a record label from 1956 to 1969 called Fonotone Records.  DTD has released a multi-volume CD showcasing recordings from Fonotone Records.  Lots of interesting folks were recorded by Joe on Fonotone records (e.g. John Fahey).   There are three additional selections featuring the Tennessee Mess Arounders on the Fonotone Records box set.  Help Joe out and buy the Fonotone Box set.  You won’t regret the purchase.


Early Mandolin Classics Volume 1 - 1989 Rounder Records CD 1050.  Don’t ask about it, just run and out get a copy of this CD as soon as you can!  Note that I’ve never seen a volume 2.

Paramount Old Time Recordings - 2006 JSP Records JSP7774.  Four disc compilation of OTM on 78’s from the Paramount record company.  "Listen to Til We Meet Again" recorded by the Kentucky Thorobreds.  Also there are several fine recordings of the Kentucky Ramblers on this collection (see Kentucky Ramblers above).

RAGS, BREAKDOWNS, STOMPS & BLUES Vintage Mandolin Music (1927 - 1946) - 2003 Document Records DOCD-32-30-3