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A list of other Old Time Music Resources that might be useful to an Old Time Mandolin player  Please forgive me for any oversights or omissions.   Please send suggestions to Paul at paul@oldtimemandolinmusic.com.

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Old-Time Music Websites

    - Old-Time Music

    - Stringband.com

    - The Magazine for Traditional Music Throughout the world

CD Companies Supporting Old-Time Music

    - Burning Wolf Records - small Old-Time Music label

    - Field Recorders' Collective

    - 5-String Productions

    - JuneAppal Recordings

    - Merriweather Records

    - Old 97 Wrecords

    - Old Hat Records

    - Rural Rhythm Records

    - Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - The complete Folkways catalogue and more.

    - Spring Fed Records

    - Sugar Hill Records

    - Vigortone Records - Old-Time and Fiddle Music from the Midwest and beyond.

    - Voyager Records - The VR website includes reviews of their CDs, CD liner notes and recording techniques used in making of each recording.

Old-Time Music Organizations, Clubs, Groups, and Conspirators

    - Austin Friends of Traditional Music

    - Arizona Old Time Fiddlers

    - Bloomington Old-Time Music and Dance Group

    - Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music

    - The Chicago Barn Dance Company

    - The Fiddlers Assocation of Iowa

    - The Florida State Fiddlers Association

    - Friends of Old Time Banjo

    - Friends Of American Old-Time Music and Dance

    - Iowa Friends of Old-Time Music

    - Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association

    - Morehead Old Time Music Assocation

    - The Nashville Old-Time String Band Association

    - Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers Association

    - Tucson Friends of Traditional Music

    - Tucson Kitchen Musicians

    - Wyoming Old Time Fiddle Association

Old Time Music Broadcasters

    - WMMT 88.7 - Chek out wmmt’s broadcast schedule for OTM shows

    - WREK - Home of Joe Bussard's Country Classics radio broadcast

Other Old-Time Music Related Links:

    - 1001tunes.com - The Roots of American Fiddle Music - The title says it all.  A great resource for Old-Time Music tunes and other Old-Time Music tidbits.

    - The American Folklife Center - From the Library of Congress.  A wealth of information for OTM fans.

    - Appalshop - is a multi-disciplinary arts and education center in the heart of Appalachia producing original films, video, theater, music and spoken-word recordings, radio, photography, multimedia, and books.

    - Berea College Hutchins Library Special Collections - A wealth OTM transcriptions, recordings, biographies, etc. can be found here.

    - Digital Library of Appalachia - Links to all things (photos, music, etc.) from the Appalachia’s that have been digitized.  An excellent resource for OTM.  Brea C0llege (the link above) is member of the DLA.

    - Dr. Dan Margolies’ Traditional Music Links

    - Ed Haley Fiddle Tune Transcriptions

    - Henry Reed Collection at the Library of Congress

    - Henry Reed Memorial - Website devoted to the memory of Henry Reed

    - Hill Country Tunes -  A collection of fiddle tunes collected from local fiddlers, including Mrs. Sarah Armstrong,  from Southwestern Pennsylvania published in 1944

    - Honking Duck - Listen to Old Time Music 78s online.

    - Juneberry78s.com - More OTM 78’s to listen to online.

    - The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music

    - Music for the Nation - 19th Century digitized sheet music from the Library of Congress

    - Old-Time Banjo Tab - This site actually serves as the archive for Greg and Jere Canote’s Old Time Stringband class.  There many, many, many mp3 recordings of OTM tunes they teach by ear.  It’s a great place to learn a new tune or two.  Oh yeah.  There’s some banjo tab on the site also.

    - Old-Time Music in Portland, Oregon - All OTM happenings in the Portland, OR area.

    - Old-Time Tune & Song Book

    - Roots of American Fiddle Music

    - Southern Folklife Collection

    - Southern Music in the 20th Century

    - The Steam Powered Preservation Society - SPPS is a non-profit electronic library devoted to the preservation of Americana music.  SPPS has free archival recordings from Old-Time and Bluegrass musicians and bands.

    - Traditional Tune Archive

    - Wolf Folklore Collection

    - Wood Songs Old Time Radio Hour - While this radio broadcast is not completely devoted to Old-Time music, it does present many OTM bands.  The broadcast is worth taking a look at for OTM content.

Overalls - Standard issue clothing for all OTM musicians.

    - Carhartt - makers of premium workwear for over 119 years.

    - Key Overalls - Est. 1908

    - Pointer Brand - American made since 1913