Old Time Mandolin Music

Too Young to Marry

I learned this version from some OTM friends.  The alternate A Part I stole from a Flatpicking Guitar Magazine fiddle tune lesson and it is located in the downloadable PDF.

There are several good versions of this tune available on CD by OTM like Bob Carlin, Dan Levenson, and Paul Smith.  Charlie Poole recorded a version of this tune.  The version below is not exactly played like any versions previously mentioned, but it gets at the spirit of the tune.

The tune is played in the key of D with just with three chords: D, G, and of course A.  Woody Guthrie would say were getting a bit fancy here with three chords in song.  I think I’ve mentioned this before.

Download a pdf of "Two Young to Marry" -> TooYoungToMarry.pdf.

Download a sample mp3 of "Too Young To Marry" -> TooYoungToMarry.mp3