Old Time Mandolin Music

Saddle Old Kate

I learned this version from the ILL-MO Boys CD Laugh And Grow Fat on Vigortone Records.  According to the liner notes the ILL-MO Boys learned it from Barbara Weathers who in turn learned from Alton Jones.  Both Barbara and Alton were Missouri based fiddlers.

There is an interesting story about the naming of the tune "Saddle Old Kate" that you can read about at the ibiblio.org website.  "Saddle Old Kate" is also known as "Saddle Old Spike" (read the afore mentioned story).  Rounder has three different CDs with Missouri fiddlers playing "Saddle Old Spike" or "Saddle Old Kate".

"Saddle Old Kate" - Lonnie Roberston - Lonnie's Breakdown - Classic Fiddle Music from Missouri  - Rounder CD 0375

"Saddle Old Spike" - Fred Stoneking - Saddle Old Spike: Fiddle Music from Missouri - Rounder CD 0381

"Saddle Old Spike" - Jesse Wallace - Traditional Fiddle Music of the Ozarks: Volume I: Along the Eastern Crescent - Rounder CD 0435.

There’s a conspiracy going on here.  These are all Missouri musicians.

The tune is played in the key of A with just with three chords: A, D, and of course E.  Woody Guthrie would say were getting a bit fancy here with three chords in song.  I promise this is the last time I’ll mention this.

Download a pdf of "Saddle Old Kate" -> Click SaddleOldKate.pdf.