Old Time Mandolin Music

Liza Jane

learned this version of "Liza Jane" from the Old Town School of Folk Music’s Hands On CD.  The Hands On CD teaches 8 fairly well know OTM fiddle tunes including this version Liza Jane.  Each version is played at a slow, medium, and fast tempo four times through with the fiddle playing alone the first time through, the banjo playing alone the second time through, the mandolin playing alone the third time, and the entire band playing together the fourth time through.

Musicians appearing on the Hands On CD include Chicago based OT musicians Paul Tyler plays fiddle Steve Rosen plays banjo, and Jordan Wankoff anchors the band with the guitar.  Chicago based bluegrass musician Colby Maddox plays the mandolin parts (in a very nice OT style).

There’s lots of versions of "Liza Jane "and this one is a bit different than most I’ve heard on recordings.

Download a pdf of "Liza Jane" -> Click LizaJane.pdf