Old Time Mandolin Music

Grub Springs - W.E. Claunch's version

As if one version of "Grub Springs "isn’t enough. 

Through the Old Time Music section of the Mandolin Cafe’s forum I learned about a great contemporary Old Time fiddler named Greg Canote

Greg and his brother Jere also teach an OTM stringband class in Seattle and taught the W.E. Claunch’s version of "Grub Springs" during their Winter ’06 class session.  They have kindly made available mp3 recordings of all their class sessions.  So I downloaded Greg’s version of W.E. Claunch’s version of "Grub Springs" and here is the mandolin version/interpretation.

Please feel to add drone strings where appropriate.  The A part sounds especially nice if you play your open E string along with the melody. 

Download a pdf of "Grub Springs" -> GrubSpringsWEClaunch.pdf