Old Time Mandolin Music

Grub Springs

This arrangement of "Grub Springs" is based on the version by Clyde Curley from his 1998 Clyde Curley and The Oxymorons: Old Time Mandolin Music CD. 

There are number versions of "Grub Springs" out there you might want to check out including:

Bruce Molsky and Tatiana Hargreaves on Tatiana’s CD titled Started Out to Ramble.

Mando Mafia on their Get Away CD (part of a three tune medley).

Rhys Jones and Christinia Wheeler on their Starry Crown CD.

W.E. Claunch has the oldest version that I found (without looking too hard) recorded for the Library of Congress.  W’s version has the same structure as the above mentioned versions, but it is really its own version of the tune. 

Both Bruce Molsky (Southern Old Time Fiddle Tour) and Matt Brown (Old Time Fiddle Lesson Vol. 1) teach "Grub Springs" on their respective fiddle tune learning CDs.

The tune is played in the key of A with just with three chords: A mostly with more D chords in the B part and one E chord for good measure.

Download a pdf of "Grub Springs" -> GrubSprings.pdf